Vision and Mission


Education through Self-Help


  • To imbibe amogest children the basic fundamental values of life, honesty, love for the country and a fellow feeling for others.
  • To enable the child to have respect for elders and youngsters alike.


To provide a conductive learning environment that encourages children to bring out the best in themselves and enable all-around development of their personality through holistic learning, enduring values, and diversity.


  • Our mission is that ecah institution of ours has a safe, healthy, positively engergizing, intellectual, challenging learngin and enjoyable environment to engage students in active, collaborative and technology-based learning methodologies to ensure all round development of the child and ready to step our in today’s challenging world.
  • To develop empowered individuals, with slef-confidence, capacity for critical thiniking and discovering, with a belief in them and thier own capacity to deal with whatever life may bring.