Our Source of Inspiration

Hon’ble Shri. Paresh Thakur

Chairman, Sau. Shakuntala Ramsheth Thakur (CBSE) Vidyalaya

A visionary man having commendable leadership, excellent organizational skills, and dedicated efforts in the process of holistic development of society. A man of action with a proactive attitude towards public Service and Social work.

Mr. Paresh Thakur is a corporator and Group Leader, BJP at Panvel Municipal Corporation. He is actively engaged in initiatives for the welfare of society.

His major objective is to spread the message of Communal harmony, Social justice, and empowerment of the entire community.

His role as a founder member of Shri. Ramsheth Thakur Samajik Vikas Mandal, Panvel, and Ramsheth Thakur International Sports Complex are remarkable. He has achieved immense success in the launch of different Social, Educational, Medical, Sports, and Cultural programs for the benefit of citizens of the Raigad & Navi Mumbai areas.

Shri Paresh Thakur has been timelessly putting in honest and dedicated efforts towards shouldering hit responsibility as a chairman of our institution by striving to make our school the best educational institution that fulfills and achieves all the holistic and pedagogical objectives of education; under his able direction and chairmanship.