Infrastructure & Facilities

The infrastructure and facilities at this school can be related to all standards.

Digital Room

In today’s competitive world, children need skill sets, which are beyond subject knowledge and require concentration assimilation and retention. In this regard, the role of smart classes is quite important. Its importance is manifested with the installation of the Tata Class Edge Boards in every classroom. Our Smart classes comprise the use of all interactive modules like videos and presentations which are appealing to students. In fact, our smart classes are almost like watching movies, and sometimes, animated visuals are used to teach a concept. This kind of visual is eye-catching and our young students easily relate to them. Watching highly engaging visuals and animations makes learning enjoyable for students while improving their overall academic performance in school.

Information Technology

We aim at training and preparing the student for the future, in this fast-changing socio-cultural atmosphere, we also enable the learners towards evolving effective assimilation of knowledge, multimedia, and online internet sources. The school shall provide an animated educational exposure to the learners.

Computer Lab

Computer classes in schools are important for a well-rounded education. Educational software is presented in a game-like format to entertain the younger students while they learn key concepts, A team of well-qualified faculty attends to the students to ensure that the students became familiar with the use of computers New software packages are added to keep students abreast of the latest in the use of information technology. Computer learning takes place from Pre Primary level.

Mathematics Lab

The School can boast of an exemplary Maths Lab with equipment to teach students from Pre-Primary to Std. VIII. Our aim is to sharpen the calculative skills of our students by inculcating in them the pursuit to understand various dimensions of Mathematics. We emphasize teaching concepts of Maths through various models, tools, beads, blocks, charts, etc.
A colorful Maths Lab makes learning fun and engages to explore and learn the wonders of Mathematics.


The library is the heart and soul of any institution which stores the energy that fuels the imagination, opening windows to a new world and inspiring students to explore more. The school has a spacious library with well-equipped books.


Music is a form of therapy. It has also been observed that young children with musical training become better and more focused in school.
The music classes in our school serve as a platform for creating tiny musicians of all genres and skill levels. It enables them to learn vocals, rhythm, and pitch in singing. It also helps to showcase their talent at various events in inter-school and intra-school competitions.

Art & Craft

Art Room provides food for voracious artistic appetite. In our Art & Craft classes, our students are taught a variety of skills like – creativity, confidence, visual learning, decision making, perseverance, collaboration, and accountability.

Activity-Based Learning Programmes

Adding fun to education and making life in the school a thoroughly enjoyable one, through innovative educational programs and activity based-learning methods is a significant aspect of our educational programs.

A Value-Based Education

Value-based educational programs provide an opportunity to have an insight into the spiritual and moral values reflected in our rich Indian culture. Education further equips students to make sensible choices in situations based on values of equality, integrity, democracy, freedom, and human rights.


The inclusion of games in our curriculum of studies is very important for the physical & mental wellbeing of our students. With an objective for the physical and mental development of the student, the school proposes to offer a package of creative Sports and cultural activities. The institute has its own huge PlayGround where the students have an ample opportunity to play indoor and outdoor games for their physical development.


Dance education aids the development of kinesthetic intelligence, creating opportunities for self-expression and communication.

School Playground

The school playground provides a safe outdoors environment within the school that stimulates children to use their creative energy in healthy interactions with one another.

Our school have large, open playgrounds with interesting play equipment that leaves many options for creativity.

School Transport

School Transport is available for picking and dropping off children to and from school, connecting various points in the city. Interested Parents/Guardians can contact the school office for further details.

Academic Calendar

We shall follow an academic calendar as per CBSE Pattern i.e. April to March. In between, we shall have a break for summer, Diwali, and X- mas. A copy of the holiday list will be given in the student’s diary.